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On leave for the past few days and was busy - so explains my disappearance. Anyway, more stuff below:

Fri: Stayed half day at in-laws. Boring day. Hubby returned home from nite shift so slept day away :( Afternoon went geylang - bought barang2 like cushions, carpets for hse. Went in m-in-law (MIL) and hubby. Yes, hubby became porter :) So cute.. he with Siti on his front... her slobber wetting his shirt of coz! and carrying all the heavy stuff on his left and right. Oh yea, tried getting Athirah (my niece) a baju kurung.. but they don't have for 1yr olds.. and very ex for a very cheap looking one.. Geez!

Sat: Went over to Mom's place in JB with inlaws. Went to the food bazaar there. So interesting.. have quail - just wat f-in-law wanted. So we stuffed ourselves with Satay, Kuihs and yes, Chendol! many drinks available. Baby was not feeling well. So went home without gg to the other bazaar. Inlaws stayed over.

Sun: Sent inlaws home. Went to Bedok to shop for baking stuff. Jonathan came over to help and learn. But u know what I did? My pineapple tarts became pineapple cookies! Everything from the base to the pineapple was HARD! Haha.. My cornflakes merangue? Became pooped cornflakes haha.. Oh well, will just make them this week.

Mon: Searched for new car. Called in the reinforcements! Haha - my bro-in-law. But his contact didn't gv us a gd deal la .. so sad! The upfront $$ was high! $11K++!! Oh yes, called up another guy - he put the phone down on me!! *gulps* me that poor meh? Finally got that guy who I screamed at.. haha.. and he struck me a gd deal. Low upfront and others. So nice of him. Everything done up.. So me getting a new black Hyundai Matrix 1.6 A with all the nice nice finishings.. All in time for Raya!! Yey!

Tue: Today. Back to work. Planning out my schedule. Sent out all emails. Oh yes, juz heard boss and Char kena fly to Taiwan tmr. Poor thing... hopefully CHung Fu Chung gvs gd BIG BIG deal to us. :)

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