Busie B!

Very busy week man! Juz doze baby to sleep. She's getting cuter tho! Went for her monthly checkup and jab. Results: She's underweight! *gulps* so young already underweight so paed advise to spoon feed her so she wouldn't be too full.

Siblings are in town. Sending them home tomorrow. Poor thing them.. they'll soon be tortured here! haha.. But they've been behaving themselves which is a tremendous improvement.

Made 2 types of cookies - pineapple tarts and choc covered biscuit. Too tired to make others. Supposed to make my kuih layang2 - maybe later. Cornflakes? Later also - when less busy. Haven't spring cleaned yet. Hubby doing it. Me - cooking section. Gg to cook tomorrow - 2 days b4 raya - coz hubby's working on day b4 raya - so me no helper for Siti - besides, I've no car. Gg to make simple dishes only. Ayam masak merah, lodeh, sambal goreng. Beef rendang - later. Satay - later. LOL!

Now? Me searching for schools for my siblings. Then arranging for courier for Athirah's baju kurong. Si my bro dah bangun ker tak??? SMS tak reply pun! Wake up lah dol!!! Haha

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