sorry peeps

yeah.. very sorry... been very busy oft late with my assignments, work, training, training and more training.. yes.. now can become commando.. but wait! have to train again soon.. haha

Finally! managed to complete my freaking assignments. Lesson to be learnt: PREPARE early! Complete it early. Dunno how I will do in this... been so long since my mind sharpening days.. hopefully all turns out good.. inshallah.

New job.. going well thank you.. less defectives *touch wood!* and been extra more patient with the phs.. haah... learnt to just keep on smiling... keep on smiling... what can they do to us anyway? It's the law.. we just hv to follow.. right!

Oh yes.. hubby's in the ICT.. waiting for more things to happen whilst he's not around.. ok la.. need to pray now.. hopefully more time to blog later... nites all!


Yes... finally a blog.. one of the reasons? I forgot my username.. and then I forgot my password... geez... weirdsville man!

Anyhow, let's see wat I can update on:
1) New job - very interesting. I love helping people :) But bad is that I lose my voice easily.. must undergo speaking from diaphram - hmm... My colleagues are a great bunch. Love u guys!!

2) My daughter - she's a real angel... climbing around.. munching on me... I just got her new shoes.. bigger size.. but are good for long walks.. haha.. mommy's gonna torture her with more exercisez.

3) Encounter with Arul's teachers - they irritatingly asked me and hubby to meet them when I'm on MC! Geez... me on MC is no good u know.. cranky like hell. Anyhow, me was a jumping shrimp to hear things said abt my bro.. so I also opened my story.. and handled the situation well.. so much so that the teachers were in awe.. HAH! Don't think u r teachers and much older than this couple, u can bully us. We (esp. me) don't take things lying down :P I think working at my current place also taught me life lessons and skills that are worth a lifetime. So the thing's settled with no thanks to the teachers who made personal judgement before completing proper investigation *blah* !

Oh YES, the one good thing out of it - dated my hubby for 1 hr! My God! It feels good to just have just the two of us.

Oh well.. need to chat to gf now... hehe

World cup fever - Pt 2 Congrats KOREA!!

yey to one of my fave team Korea! congrats congrats congrats!
winning the 2-1 versus tobago and trinidad (togo) was a much deserved win. The togo players were good! kudos for the superb goal (abd kader i think) at the 31 min! that was a nice clean goal. togoans were like hungry hyenas... but no match for the swift attack of the ahn and chungsoo duo. yes! those two packed a punch!

AHH... Korea bring the glory to Asia again!!!

world cup fever! Pt 1 - japan sux!

Yes... i know i'm supposed to be writing about the other stuff i promised... sorry... not happening in this entry! haha.. boo hoo! :P

Anyway.. finally managed to watch the first world cup match.. guess wat? i watched that humiliating excruciating match of japan vs aust where japan LOST a HUMILIATING 3-1!!! how's that to my waste of time watching it? it wasn't even mediocre! the effort wasn't even put in. it was like a bunch of ninnies (sorry to all my jap frenz) pushing their balls around as if they had all the bluidy time in the world. DAMN!
~~A real waste of my precious time to watch Korean dramas! haha...~~
Sidetrack there. honestly... i expected more from japan! they were like a hot favourite for reach the quarter finals. Now would be even tougher for them to reach it as they face off the Goliaths of the World cup! God bless them now..

More news laterzz..

Yahoo! WWW

WWW - Wild Wild Wet! Yey... we're going there today! yey! Can't wait. Gg to have fried macaronis... yummies..
Yest had the baby's 2nd birthday party. (Sorry peeps... this one is a private function) and me cooked... chix rice (in laws said nice!), fried beehoon... yummies.. and well.. chix and fish nuggets.. not a healthy spread.. but wait... there's more... divine belgium choc cake... whoa... and yes... finally.. fruits.. haha... must leave the best for last.
For previous birthday party... on her actual day, we just ahd a mango cake.. yum! Will upload the pics soon.
Anyway, will yak again more :)
Btw, kleb.. being a mommie is not my fulltime position. Will look for another job elsewhere where it fits my profile .. haha


Me am a happy mommie!
Just got back from a long long long and Much needed vacation in Langkawi.. yeys..
And another big happy news for me... I'm unemployed! haha... can you imagine that? Well.. needed a change.. want to be a proper mommie to the cute lil one.. she's ONE already you know! But more on tha later..
Anyhow.. I'll set the items to yak about later:
1. Amelia's birthday party :) - her BIG ONE!! haha
2. Holiday
3. Being a full time mommie
4. Finding alternative $$$

Finally... good nite! haha

Ikin.. updated liaoz.. so need more pics.. muahaha

long time man!

yes yes yes... been bugged to share wat baby amelia has been up to.. yes yes yes.. i'm bluidy busy nowadays.. biaselah ... quarter dah nak end in another 7 more days! Stress rabak now..

Anyway, she's been learning to walk.. so she's like a little terror crashing about.. an epitome of innocent.. haha... Ok ok.. i'm in a crappy mood.. so let's see.. she fell and hit her head many times.. maybe that's y she's having such a big head!.. or is it because that she followed her dearest parents who both have "big heads"! lols!

My sis came over the weekend to stay for the nite.. had to accompany the little head prefect hm :P from JB. So picked them both up from JE MRT.. so bluidy far from my place.. I'm a bluidy hermit so sue me! that sidetracked.

**at this pt, I'm squirmish... wanting to poo! so here i go!**
~~~poot poot~~~ **BACK!**

Oh yes. very relieved now.. ok.. where was I? Oh yes.. rambling about how far it was.. K... anyway, went to JP later n got Amelia some toys.. poor girl.. only has 1 tigger soft-toy that we bought when she was lk... hmm.. 3 mths old?? haha..

So.. I got her:
1. Chipmunk Dale - it's so cute.. and reminds me of her! But mommie didn't choose it for her.. it's herself.. I let her roam the entire Kiddy Palace.. haha... she lks books too.. but that later..

2. Squeekie toy - it's a yellow Porcupine! Did u ever heard of it?? she loves it!

3. pillow.. yes she needed another pillow.. else she'll take away mommie's.

Went over to ToysRus.. yey! And got her.... Water squiter toys! For her bathtime fun.. yeps.. she's enjoying it to the core.. now even more enjoys her bath time! I can't get her out of her tub at all!

OK.. some of the pics taken...
This is when we tried to put a jester cap on her.. hated it.. haha

ok.. this is my fave.. it's playtime mommie!


Haha.. He just called me to ask me to pick him up. He's cranky :P

Anyway, so excited! I love my new role. I lk just gg after the deals. Digging info (my passion).. Making $ out of it (my biggest passion!) haha

OK. My 1min break over. Bye bye

Hubby's weirdness

Hubby at SimLim with fren.. Called him up to ask if he wants to come home with me. Guz wat he said. No need :P
I asked: U really don't want me to pick u up?
He said: No, still waiting for the PC.
I said: I wait lor.
He said: No need.
I asked: So in other words, u dun want to go hm wif me?
He said: Yes, I don't want to go hm with u.
I said: OK then. *Put the phone down*

So sad eh? Wife wants to pick up yet, he doesn't want me to. *sobs!*
Well. doesn't care. Easier for me then. No need to bother abt him :P
Me cranky.. Me PMSing

new ideas

Came in so early in the morning.. no MAIL! haha.. so managed to do up Char's invoices, DOs and CD for delivery.

Normal working mother day. But managed to make Siti sleep slightly before 9pm! A miracle.. considering that she's hyper.. wants to play always and in fact, woke up at nite to play! haha.. luckily hubby was kind to take the nite shift as he's on off. Yey! Thanks darling!

Chatted with baby sis last nite.. was watching this Suria series that's last episode. Came to the part where the guy was going on about how the he found out abt the girl's life.. told her that he has a way of getting her password (DUH! who's he? A long time hacker? if ur passwords aren't saved, no way to retrieved it to read ur emails! Duh... who's he trying to bluff??) and read her life.. Goodness! That's no way to start courting the girl! Invasion of privacy.. and in fact, even Ayu commented that even she's not that dumb! haha.. cute.. told me that he shd just ask her to marry her and then after marriage then tell her.. or in my mind, dun even tell her! Stupid guy. But the girl? acted lk a total baby! run off crying .. to HER BOSS!! Idiot.. and then, went back hm to SG. This story will give us SG girls a bad name man.. despite it being a tv show. Whoever wrote the script needs more imagination and inspiration. The director? Should also fire him.. and btw, the story ended with no ending.. idiot!

something new.. something old

Darling went for his ICT in the morning. Won't see him till tomorrow :) So cool. Feels lk nothing tho. Maybe too often seeing him not at hm :P

Yea.. miss Kam.. can still even hear her clicking away at the PC. Spookie!

Tomorrow: VDAY.. Not celebrating of coz.. but wants to give darling something :) Something nice... something he'll love! *give me hints?*

Boss gave us girls VDAY gifts - handmade (not by him!) potpourri... Mine is Lavender. SO sweet. Me like! Thanks Boss!
Char - gave necklaces from BKK. Me lk too.. matches my outfit today.

BTW, heard over the radio abt a big hoo hah on radio.. abt us Singaporean girls being cheapskates - compliments by westerners! Hmm.. my 2c:
- SG girls are practical. We understand our man's difficulties.
- If SG girls were their materialistic selves, men have no chance to even eat! haha.. our standards are too high!
- Wat I want for VDay? Time to pamper myself ;)

Kelakar! ~Surat dari ayang

Funny story in Malay. Tak bole angkat!
Rabak punyer laki.. kalo laki aku, dah lame aku suruh die pi! nasib baik laki aku baik! Alhamdulillah... haha

Cerita ini tiada kena mengena sama ade yg hidup atau pun dah mati tapi ade kena mengena pada mereka yg mempunyai kereta.Hehehe!!!!.....

Dear abang,

Ayang nak mintak kebenaran abang untuk bawa anak-anak balik ke kampung. abang tak perlu hantar ayang sebab ayang mampu untuk bawa anak-anak ke kampung musim cuti sekolah ni dengan bas.. abang jagalah diri abang dan kereta abang baik-baik... cuma ada perkara yang ingin ayang luahkan disini... kereta baru abang tu mahal.. harga mencecah 100k barangkali..

Sebab tu abang sayangkan kereta abang lebih dari ayang.. sampaikan abang dah terlena dalam kereta abang tu sejak abang beli 3 bulan yang lalu dah masuk 3 malam... abang sayangkan kereta abang lebih dari ayang, nak tau ngape?

Harga kereta abang tu lebih mahal dari wang hantaran yang ayah ayang letakan masa kita kahwin dulu.. cuba hantaran ayang lebih mahal dari harga kereta abang?

Tiap-tiap pagi abang mesti gosok kereta abang, nak nampak berkilat..tapi ayang nak dapat kiss good morning pun susah sejak beli kereta tu, sebulan sekali macam-macam aksesori abang beli kat kereta, ayang nak dapat hadiah bday setahun sekali pun susah..

Kereta sebulan sekali abang servis, abang kata kena jaga maintainance..ayang nak dapat pi salon setahun sekali pun susah..kereta abang make up lawa-lawa.. tapi kalau ayang make up lawa-lawa abang kata ayang tak sedar diri

Kereta abang bagi makan minyak mahal-mahal cecah 100 setin pun ada, ayang nak makan pizza sekeping jer masa mengidam anak kedua kita abang kata ayang mengada-ngada

Kereta abang kalau anak-anak sentuh sikit bodynya abang marah anak macam nak makan, ayang jatuh longkang besar boleh abang gelak paling menyedihkan..ayang tanya ngape tidur dalam kereta? abang jawab takut orang curi kereta abang.. kalau ayang kena curi??

Ayang nak balik kampung dulu.. anak-anak nak jumpa atuk dengan nenek depa..tak nak naik kereta abang takut calar.. ayang calar takpe.. jaga diri elok-elok, sarapan ayang dah sediakan. ayang pi tak lama, sekolah bukak ayang balik lah dengan anak-anak.. pesanan ayang..



Moral of the story..sayangilah isteri kiter yg sentiasa menyayangi,menguruskan dan mengambil berat pasal diri kite lebih dari segala2nya yg dia ade.. KUANG KUANG KUANG !!!!!!!!!!!! c," )


Yey! Couple of pics compliments of my sis :P

Kapoed pic

Yes, I'm lazy to load up my baby's pics.. hehe.. so I'm here and grabbing the pic from my sis' blog :P

Sorry sis.. I'm not plagiarising.. just grabbing copyrights haha! So baby sucking on oranges.. so cute!

Sickie me

Yeps. Sick. The day before sick. Yesterday sick. Today also sick.
Yesterday slept the day away... almost... eyes so heavy, brain doesn't want to sleep. Coughing the day away. nOW that's true.

Ok. so the kids are in school starting yesterday. Me didn't cook. So asked them to just eat from school. Haha.

Busy Thurs!

Yeps. Me busy. Now taking a 5min break :) Dun think anyone would mind rite? hehe
Anyway, just received some good news calls.

Bro - admission to Pasir Ris Sec (hah! Hubby's old sch) - interview next Mon. Need old results.
Sis - WS Pri - hv to arrange my own interview :)

OK. 5min break is up.. time to work! Bye bye!

Amelia on her 1st Eid Adha

Wore her first baju kurong! It's blue and small enough for her. Bought it during the Aidil Fitri period and 2 mths after, she's able to wear it! wow! growing really fast.. but it's loose.. she's tall and slim haha!

Oh yes! She's already climbing and holding onto things. Just yesterday, I caught her holding onto her walker. Scary man! Scared that the thing moved.. luckily the walker has its brakes on. If not, she'll be skating around the place :P

Updates on her 'sacrificial' sheep... if it's a human, i'll say it acts exactly lk her! Other than it's a male sheep (young too), it behaves like her. Black head. Needs 4 people to check its kicking legs. And still it continues kicking. Of coz, baby looks curiously on as it was being slaughtered. Babies! In fact, she was asleep while waiting and then... she woke up just in time to see her sheep. Talk abt gd timing.

Anyway, went late to inlaws place as Amelia was snoring away for a couple of hours.
Baby girl, you r mommy's treasure!

Baby Amelia's visit to the docs

Well.. guess what she did there?!
Got her circumcision. Then, got her ears pierced! Now, she looks like a girl. So pretty.
But of coz, she cried. She cried more when ears are pierced than the big C!

Anyway, will upload her pics... after raya :)

Kam's Wedding!

Aww.. she was gorgeous! So different from her normal look. Like a princess!
Wanted to take photos of the food to show boss.. but we were too hungry! So sorry boss, your food's all gobbled up :)
Ivy was Emcee for Mandarin folks and she was good. A good catch for our marketing team. Yey!
Baby came too! She.. well... had too much attention. With all the 'sisters' and 'aunties' playing with her, she wouldn't want to sleep. In fact, she didn't sleep until almost 1am! Goodness! Next time can't bring her to late events :P Sorry folks! She 'ek' and 'okh' can 'mati' liao!
Best with babies award for girls union:
1st - Rach
2nd - Dun
Last - Char! haha! Want to cry looking at her face.. hmm.. wat happen to you Char? haha!

Anyway, need to ciao. Have meeting this morning liao. Aiyah...

Hello 2006!!!

So many new happenings! So little time!

Friday: Sales stood very strong at quarter ending. Need to work for new year! So exciting.. So challenging!

Sat: Went to Metro Warehouse Sale. Spent over $200!!! Goodness!

Jason & Shirley's church wedding! Congrats u 2! Shirley looks gorgeous! Jason.. well.. charming :) And yes, he did his surprises still.
Went with Yan. Poor Yan - her glamor spoilt by Baby Amelia who grabbed and cried her heart out. But, here's a shoutout to Yan:
THANKS! For taking care of Amelia.
For being a friend.
Things will get better soon.

Get to meet old buddies like Claud, Ivan, Lawrence, Serene, Ivy. Heard that Hon got married as well... but he failed to invite me! So sad... Wishing him and Sally the best. Heard that my friends made it big.. so cool for them.

Sun: New Year!!!!
Hmm.. dunno wat I did. But I remembered wat Baby did!
She... SAT by herself!! I'm sooo glad!
Regret that we didn't capture it by camera :( She's so cute :)

Mon: Sick.. Hubby upset too... coz he did something wrong... a small mistake too.. kena whacked by company. Sheesh! He kena bad. Told him to think of family. Maybe it's high time he ciao! lol! Me soo good at instigating, but it's the truth. Y stay on when there's more opportunities elsewhere.

Tue: Baby cried the whole of last night. Dunno what's wrong. Going to doctor's today.

Mommie loves Baby Amelia!