sorry peeps

yeah.. very sorry... been very busy oft late with my assignments, work, training, training and more training.. yes.. now can become commando.. but wait! have to train again soon.. haha

Finally! managed to complete my freaking assignments. Lesson to be learnt: PREPARE early! Complete it early. Dunno how I will do in this... been so long since my mind sharpening days.. hopefully all turns out good.. inshallah.

New job.. going well thank you.. less defectives *touch wood!* and been extra more patient with the phs.. haah... learnt to just keep on smiling... keep on smiling... what can they do to us anyway? It's the law.. we just hv to follow.. right!

Oh yes.. hubby's in the ICT.. waiting for more things to happen whilst he's not around.. ok la.. need to pray now.. hopefully more time to blog later... nites all!

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azrin said...

I think it's about time you post A FEW MORE UPDATES

Tia Baby