Yes... finally a blog.. one of the reasons? I forgot my username.. and then I forgot my password... geez... weirdsville man!

Anyhow, let's see wat I can update on:
1) New job - very interesting. I love helping people :) But bad is that I lose my voice easily.. must undergo speaking from diaphram - hmm... My colleagues are a great bunch. Love u guys!!

2) My daughter - she's a real angel... climbing around.. munching on me... I just got her new shoes.. bigger size.. but are good for long walks.. haha.. mommy's gonna torture her with more exercisez.

3) Encounter with Arul's teachers - they irritatingly asked me and hubby to meet them when I'm on MC! Geez... me on MC is no good u know.. cranky like hell. Anyhow, me was a jumping shrimp to hear things said abt my bro.. so I also opened my story.. and handled the situation well.. so much so that the teachers were in awe.. HAH! Don't think u r teachers and much older than this couple, u can bully us. We (esp. me) don't take things lying down :P I think working at my current place also taught me life lessons and skills that are worth a lifetime. So the thing's settled with no thanks to the teachers who made personal judgement before completing proper investigation *blah* !

Oh YES, the one good thing out of it - dated my hubby for 1 hr! My God! It feels good to just have just the two of us.

Oh well.. need to chat to gf now... hehe

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