Hello 2006!!!

So many new happenings! So little time!

Friday: Sales stood very strong at quarter ending. Need to work for new year! So exciting.. So challenging!

Sat: Went to Metro Warehouse Sale. Spent over $200!!! Goodness!

Jason & Shirley's church wedding! Congrats u 2! Shirley looks gorgeous! Jason.. well.. charming :) And yes, he did his surprises still.
Went with Yan. Poor Yan - her glamor spoilt by Baby Amelia who grabbed and cried her heart out. But, here's a shoutout to Yan:
THANKS! For taking care of Amelia.
For being a friend.
Things will get better soon.

Get to meet old buddies like Claud, Ivan, Lawrence, Serene, Ivy. Heard that Hon got married as well... but he failed to invite me! So sad... Wishing him and Sally the best. Heard that my friends made it big.. so cool for them.

Sun: New Year!!!!
Hmm.. dunno wat I did. But I remembered wat Baby did!
She... SAT by herself!! I'm sooo glad!
Regret that we didn't capture it by camera :( She's so cute :)

Mon: Sick.. Hubby upset too... coz he did something wrong... a small mistake too.. kena whacked by company. Sheesh! He kena bad. Told him to think of family. Maybe it's high time he ciao! lol! Me soo good at instigating, but it's the truth. Y stay on when there's more opportunities elsewhere.

Tue: Baby cried the whole of last night. Dunno what's wrong. Going to doctor's today.

Mommie loves Baby Amelia!

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