something new.. something old

Darling went for his ICT in the morning. Won't see him till tomorrow :) So cool. Feels lk nothing tho. Maybe too often seeing him not at hm :P

Yea.. miss Kam.. can still even hear her clicking away at the PC. Spookie!

Tomorrow: VDAY.. Not celebrating of coz.. but wants to give darling something :) Something nice... something he'll love! *give me hints?*

Boss gave us girls VDAY gifts - handmade (not by him!) potpourri... Mine is Lavender. SO sweet. Me like! Thanks Boss!
Char - gave necklaces from BKK. Me lk too.. matches my outfit today.

BTW, heard over the radio abt a big hoo hah on radio.. abt us Singaporean girls being cheapskates - compliments by westerners! Hmm.. my 2c:
- SG girls are practical. We understand our man's difficulties.
- If SG girls were their materialistic selves, men have no chance to even eat! haha.. our standards are too high!
- Wat I want for VDay? Time to pamper myself ;)

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