new ideas

Came in so early in the morning.. no MAIL! haha.. so managed to do up Char's invoices, DOs and CD for delivery.

Normal working mother day. But managed to make Siti sleep slightly before 9pm! A miracle.. considering that she's hyper.. wants to play always and in fact, woke up at nite to play! haha.. luckily hubby was kind to take the nite shift as he's on off. Yey! Thanks darling!

Chatted with baby sis last nite.. was watching this Suria series that's last episode. Came to the part where the guy was going on about how the he found out abt the girl's life.. told her that he has a way of getting her password (DUH! who's he? A long time hacker? if ur passwords aren't saved, no way to retrieved it to read ur emails! Duh... who's he trying to bluff??) and read her life.. Goodness! That's no way to start courting the girl! Invasion of privacy.. and in fact, even Ayu commented that even she's not that dumb! haha.. cute.. told me that he shd just ask her to marry her and then after marriage then tell her.. or in my mind, dun even tell her! Stupid guy. But the girl? acted lk a total baby! run off crying .. to HER BOSS!! Idiot.. and then, went back hm to SG. This story will give us SG girls a bad name man.. despite it being a tv show. Whoever wrote the script needs more imagination and inspiration. The director? Should also fire him.. and btw, the story ended with no ending.. idiot!

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