Kam's Wedding!

Aww.. she was gorgeous! So different from her normal look. Like a princess!
Wanted to take photos of the food to show boss.. but we were too hungry! So sorry boss, your food's all gobbled up :)
Ivy was Emcee for Mandarin folks and she was good. A good catch for our marketing team. Yey!
Baby came too! She.. well... had too much attention. With all the 'sisters' and 'aunties' playing with her, she wouldn't want to sleep. In fact, she didn't sleep until almost 1am! Goodness! Next time can't bring her to late events :P Sorry folks! She 'ek' and 'okh' can 'mati' liao!
Best with babies award for girls union:
1st - Rach
2nd - Dun
Last - Char! haha! Want to cry looking at her face.. hmm.. wat happen to you Char? haha!

Anyway, need to ciao. Have meeting this morning liao. Aiyah...

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