Amelia on her 1st Eid Adha

Wore her first baju kurong! It's blue and small enough for her. Bought it during the Aidil Fitri period and 2 mths after, she's able to wear it! wow! growing really fast.. but it's loose.. she's tall and slim haha!

Oh yes! She's already climbing and holding onto things. Just yesterday, I caught her holding onto her walker. Scary man! Scared that the thing moved.. luckily the walker has its brakes on. If not, she'll be skating around the place :P

Updates on her 'sacrificial' sheep... if it's a human, i'll say it acts exactly lk her! Other than it's a male sheep (young too), it behaves like her. Black head. Needs 4 people to check its kicking legs. And still it continues kicking. Of coz, baby looks curiously on as it was being slaughtered. Babies! In fact, she was asleep while waiting and then... she woke up just in time to see her sheep. Talk abt gd timing.

Anyway, went late to inlaws place as Amelia was snoring away for a couple of hours.
Baby girl, you r mommy's treasure!

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zackire said...

can just imagine her watching her sheep.. behaves just like her you say? hehehe.. dun 4get one thing hunny, she did got her genes from someone.. LOL!!!