world cup fever! Pt 1 - japan sux!

Yes... i know i'm supposed to be writing about the other stuff i promised... sorry... not happening in this entry! haha.. boo hoo! :P

Anyway.. finally managed to watch the first world cup match.. guess wat? i watched that humiliating excruciating match of japan vs aust where japan LOST a HUMILIATING 3-1!!! how's that to my waste of time watching it? it wasn't even mediocre! the effort wasn't even put in. it was like a bunch of ninnies (sorry to all my jap frenz) pushing their balls around as if they had all the bluidy time in the world. DAMN!
~~A real waste of my precious time to watch Korean dramas! haha...~~
Sidetrack there. honestly... i expected more from japan! they were like a hot favourite for reach the quarter finals. Now would be even tougher for them to reach it as they face off the Goliaths of the World cup! God bless them now..

More news laterzz..

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