Yahoo! WWW

WWW - Wild Wild Wet! Yey... we're going there today! yey! Can't wait. Gg to have fried macaronis... yummies..
Yest had the baby's 2nd birthday party. (Sorry peeps... this one is a private function) and me cooked... chix rice (in laws said nice!), fried beehoon... yummies.. and well.. chix and fish nuggets.. not a healthy spread.. but wait... there's more... divine belgium choc cake... whoa... and yes... finally.. fruits.. haha... must leave the best for last.
For previous birthday party... on her actual day, we just ahd a mango cake.. yum! Will upload the pics soon.
Anyway, will yak again more :)
Btw, kleb.. being a mommie is not my fulltime position. Will look for another job elsewhere where it fits my profile .. haha

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