A Boo-K Based in Singapore

On my trip to the library... Hold and behold. What do I see? A book... By some Joseph R. Garber.

Guess what the book was on. A fiction ... on drug activity and corruption in Singapore. And the hero? A high-up-there corporate innocent American. See the snaps I took of it.

It even has a map of Singapore! Quite accurate... except... there's no PASAR Ris... It's Pasir Ris.. *shakes head*
PASAR = Market
Pasir = Sand

See the difference.

Oh btw... it's PulaU... not Pulu...

The copyright was in 1999. I read parts of it already. The acknowledgement is on STB, SPF.. and the normal government bodies... and some individuals who don't want to be named. I guess it's from these lot that the out of the world stories were deduced. Some about our strict society. Something about strict composures of Islam *shakes head again - don't know where this came about*. I'm a proud Muslim woman yet I practise the only one I knew... the one that was preached with living in moderately. Yes, there's the headscarf, but there's nothing about living in the stoneage. In fact, if one were to read the studies of Tawhid properly, it preaches moving forward as well.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings on my beloved religion and country. I digress and come back to the book.. It speaks of the American embassy at High Street... here I giggle... I've worked at Armenian St fora good 5 yrs and literally lived around the area (as it's near my beloved National Library previously) since before 1999.. I never recalled seeing a 'crumbling building'... is the book talking about the embassy?? I hope not... but it was the most oldest building there... coz honestly, there isn't any there that was 'crumbling'!

I giggled all the way reading the absurdity of the media circus and shoddy work of the police (namely, CNB) and yes, even the ranks were slightly skewed. Having friends in both areas of work, I know that the writer has definitely wild imagination... But I let the readers out there decide for themselves.. But I must say that it's well an interesting read albeit lacking in the descriptive and narrative work.

My 2cents worth at work again :)

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