Delivery Experience - Read on!

Date: 03.04.08
What did I do?
Not much - went to work. Cleared my work... and oh yeah, managed to close one of my cases. I was so elated that I decided to email my TLs with my workload and so forth. Honestly, I had no idea that it is to be a more eventful day and night.

In fact, I managed to eat my much wanted baked rice. Wanted to have it at Swensen's but there were none in TM so I settled for Delifrance much to my gastronomical delight. Why? I had a good service there... sat at a very nice four-seater by the window with comfy seats. The waitress know a preggy needed the comfy seats for my tummy and back. A big thanks to you!!

Oh I ordered the seafood baked rice. It was super delicious that I need not ask for any sauce nor tobasco or parmesan cheese. I tell ya that it's delicious. The rice was also just nice and the prawns, fish and other ingredients were FRESH! The capsiciums were also sweet. Nice huh? Anyway, had my fill. Walked to CS and got Amelia nice dresses. She's now into dresses you see... When I actually reached my in-laws' place, it was 9pm +. Luckily I was at my in-laws for an event :)

10pm - had cramps; like those you have when you need to pass motion. I keep going in and out, in and out... but there was nothing to pass out! Told my hubby - guess what he said - wait till there's blood or the waterbag burst. Since I was not in excruciating pain, I left it at that. At 11pm - called hubby again and told him to go home.

00:24am - admitted to Hospital. Happily smiling around :)
1am - still not dilated much. Abt 3cm? I think... Oh BTW, the 2 mid-wives were senior man! Like my mom's age :) So cute huh?... Back to story... Happily taking photos with hubby. The baby's heartbeat was low so I had to go on oxygen. My BP was 180+ so the nurses were worried if there was pre-eclampsia. I enjoyed this moment *sniggers*
2am - Me sleepy... I slept... Hubby took my photo sleeping.. giggles..
3am - urgh... contractions!!! Got my panthadine already so pain is not that bad and I wasn't on the 'laughing gas'.
3.30am - doctor came. Dilated only 4cm. The baby is very small. The baby passed motion in the womb. Oh no! Not a good sign... I'm to be wheeled to OT for an emergency c-sect. My look? Shocked! Another pain area I have to worry...
4.15am - to be put on the trolley to be wheeled over to OT when I screamed, "I want to shit!" Hey... it really felt like I wanted to shit... hahaha... The midwives acknowledged that I'm fully dilated. My gynae rushed over and he just managed to catch my baby who swam out with the waterbag. But...
4.27am - Adam was delivered.... he was blue... he was lifeless... he made no sound... Both my hubby and I thought we lost him... *tears* The paed on standby and the other midwife swung into action. Managed to resuscitated him after several minutes. Hubby said that he only opened his eyes and closed them again. He was then being shifted to the NICU....

Story to be continued... sorry folks... Adam's awake :)

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