Boys... boys... boys... and girls

I hereby declare that boys are lusty from birth! It's in their genetic structure make up. Why? Coz of firsthand experience.

My son refused the expensive special premature milk I gave him.. he insisted on the au naturel breastmilk... *giggles* He makes this cute grunting sound when he suckles and when it's not enough? Get ready for mayhem! He'll get upset and throws tantrum until he tires out and sleeps... peace again... that's what I'm blissfully having as I refuse to entertain tantrums. Hear that, Adam??? You can ask your sis on how bad and heartless I am. I don't give no face to any tantrums, screams and shouts... you do it outside? I'll leave you there... Watch me do it... if you dare :) Fair warning.

Oh yeah, I had a nice time shopping... will wear my new shoes tomorrow for Adam's check up. He's getting his BCG vaccination.

Amelia's not at home tonight. She's bunking over at her grandma's. Nice for me. :)
Got her to go to school to start on Jun 23. Heheh... She can't wait to go to playgroup. She's soooo happy...

Oppps... the son's awake..

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Masayu said...

unfortunately u hv a son! HE IS SO CUTE... A.K.A ADAM HAS TO RUN... hehe angah someone got blown big time today