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Back at it folks. Continuing where I left off...

After my son was whisked off to the NICU, I was left to be stitched up. To be honest, I didn't feel much pain, but the local anaesthetic was not working as well as the previous delivery. Or is it that my adrenalin has drained off. Although I felt every stitch, it was more like ants biting so the pain was bearable. It was more of a nuisance. So ladies out there, better to opt for natural delivery... I'll tell ya why shortly.

As I was to stay in bed for a good 6 hrs and I was in the maternity ward at 6am, I can't get up till 12nn. Boredom struck in hard! Can't move or get up so I satisfied myself with a whole lot of reading.. the newspaper from article to article, ad to ad, obituary to obituary. I devoured everything.. including the menus and the whole lot. A nurse took pity and gave me more magazines to read... Thank the LORD!

Oh yeah... during the long wait, I managed to hear my neighbor, who had a c-sect, whining and moaning over her pain when the nurses had to clean the wound. Reminded me much of my prior experience where my neighbor in KK also had her c-sect. I thank ALLAH that I didn't have to go through the emergency c-sect. Imagine... apart from the pain below, I'll have to endure the cut across the tummy. Or maybe not cause the pain is just in your mind and I'll probably be walking about in the first day... hmmm....

Anyway, after the hot shower I had on the first day immediately after the 6hrs confinement and the long power nap I had later (cut me some slack, I fought for my life without any sleep the night before :P so I deserved the 4hr power nap!), I was fresh and went about waiting for my hubby who went to take photos of Adam in NICU. I'm such a pathetic thing... can't see my son in the first day except through photos... but I had a good time with him the next day... You see, I spent most of my time there visiting my son :) since I had not much guests. Good thing too... only had my gfs, Tina & her baby Nadia, and Azlyha with her baby. Tina and I had a good time chatting away from 3pm to 8pm. Poor Nadia was hungry.. hehe... I'll remember how I fed her with tau sar pau... hahaha

Finally, I have to say this:

My heartfelt thanks goes out to the midwives that took care of me like a princess during the labor, the doctors, specialists and nurses that helped my Adam to retain his health and the nurses in ward 3A.


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