Mimi's First Movie Review

Typing this blog amidst my beloved Amelia playing doctor on me :)

Friday 13th June: It's a 13th Friday but it's also a first time for my baby girl.. to watch a movie! Watch the Kungfu Panda at 3.30pm Sun Plaza Eng Wah Cineplex. Honestly, I haven't had the opportunity to step into Sun Plaza for YEARS... yes.. many years..

Anyway, the cineplex was not crowded. In fact, we (Kak Masturah, Umai, Hafiz, Atikah, Hubby, Amelia and Me) had a whole row to ourselves. And my girl... had a nice time laughing and disturbing others while watching the show. Good to say that the show was worth it and we will definitely get the DVD. Wish abang Hashim could have joined in. Amelia would have love having her Cik Amoy around. Hehehe...

Going to Tina's place later... and tomorrow is a good day to go swimming..

BTW, went Raffles City-Funan-Suntec yesterday. Got another set of controller and game for a good price of $130.

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