Amelia's Antics

Amelia has now a new weapon... riding on kiddy rides... and not those cheap ones I recall riding.. It's the $1 - $2 per ride ones! But very cute ones. There's the Bear in the Big Blue House @ TM

At Courts... Thomas the train...

Teletubbies... *shudders* I hate 'em... Did I share my theory of them not being real humans in it??

And finally, the Panda in Panda Kungfu! BTW, we are going to watch it today later with the nephew and nieces... It's Amelia's FIRST trip to the movie theatre! Yey...

Going to Nadia's (Tina's baby) birthday this Sun.. I'll show the invitation card that my good friend is soooooo free to make.. hehe... And yes, Tina, I know the letter was from you... Goodness, your handwriting has remained the same all throughout :)

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