Yes! Finally, we are seeing the sun rays shining brightly across the sky... but for how long more? There was much cloud cover yesterday, but today's weather looks pretty okay and holding up. Hopefully the La Nina scurries away to bring back Mr Sunshine!!!

Mr Sun must continue shining for I've a date with my girl at the playground today. I've promised to bring her there as long as the weather holds.... Pls pray hard it does.

Something bizarre caught my attention while reading some kaypoh (tabloid) news. Singapore's English is deteriorating. Goodness! It's really true. I saw a sign just the other day which sent both my hubby and I into fits of giggles. Why? The sign... it's supposedly to be something useful and healthy, but the way it was written... well, it sounded very... erm... how do I put it delicately... sensual. Hahaha... Yes, the sign was definitely sensual. It's like the pronounciation of cement and semen by us Singaporeans which amuses the English-speaking folks much. Please please please sign-makers, I beseech you to check the grammar and vocabulary before putting it up. Else, it will be read awkwardly.

Anyways... I'm still around... not yet popping... hopefully... hehehe... Cheerios all.

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