Last nite's story

Men are such funny creatures... And just like any men, my hubby is atypical case. Doesn't like to lose nor ask for help. Oh well... MEN! Hahaha..

Baby development:
The baby KICKED (or perhaps elbowed) me last night! Wow! It's an amazing feeling... It was slightly ticklish, with no pain, and yes, it's a cute ticklish feeling. The awesomeness in this is that it's so accidental. I wouldn't have felt it if I wasn't putting my hand on my tummy while reading my pregnancy readings (how coincidental!). Wows!

Now I'm looking forward to the my monthly checkup this Thursday. There's ultrasound scan... :) So baby, you know what to do? As Auntie Mousie says... Place your fingers properly and don't play with them then. Hehehe..


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