Sleepy-Zzz-Baby News! Baby News!

First blog in Feb!!! Need to burn off some calories after a heavy lunch.. so here goes.. the very typical-Singaporean exercise... finger push down ;)

Oh yeah.. supposed to share some of my baby development. So here goes:

13 Jan 05: Went for my monthly checks at the polyclinic (yeah, typical me being a cheapo, went to a simple CHEAP alternative). Waited for a short while (amazingly!) before taking my weight... 59.2KG! Ugh! Gained so much weight. Being reminded of it upsets me.

The same doctor (Dr. M Yap) checked on my baby growth and heartbeat. Yes, it's beating strong. Had to see the nurse so that she can set up the appointment for my ultrasound scan - she gave me one in Feb - which I can't make it and besides, it would be too long away. So I rescheduled and got one on the same day at 2pm. Lucky me!

1PM: Drove to HPB Radiology centre - that's where they do the scan. And I marvel at the hospital space... can't imagine I'm going there to do the checks and go through the System .. of my customer. Hahaha..

Both hubby and I had to wait... for the counter staff to return. They were closed for lunch till 2pm. But I managed to wait in their waiting area. Some others were there as well and I'm likely the ONLY pregnant woman there... the rest were students.

Well, I didn't have to wait long (another AMAZING fact) for my turn and followed the technician to the room. BTW, another word for ultrasound is SONOGRAPHY. Cool eh?

The technician had to apply some gel on my tummy so that her handheld equipment can slide easily over my tummy while she takes the scans and pictures.

Oh yeah, it was an enriching and enlightening experience! The first thing I saw was my baby's head! A beautiful structure. God's wonder... Saw my baby's little pair of eye sockets, the heart (beating away melodiously), the kidneys, and the internal organs..

The most wonderous (and tearbreaking) moment was when I was the cute little toes and fingers. The fingers clenched in a boxer's fist.. just like a little kangaroo! (hehehe..) and the baby smiled... beautiful!

But we can't see the baby's gender as yet as my little baby was in breech position and crossed the cute little legs.. hehehe... Cute eh?

Back from a short toilet break, I saw the baby moved into an L-shaped position.. and that's when we saw the 3 dots... signifying... a GIRL. I've got a cute little baby girl in me... she's a beautiful 14.7cm long at 4 mths 3 days. And she's got a foot size close to 3cm! Hahaha.. she's going to be a big tall baby.. just like her dad.. Cute.. real cute!

Can't wait for the next check up when I get to know the results.. of whether my little princess is fine or (gulps!) otherwise. I'm praying for the best! Help pray for my little princess as well k!

Next check up is on - 14 Feb 05. VDay! Will share with you more then!


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