As I read an article about a father-to-be on the Straits Times (available for viewing at,5562,293937,00.html? - but need registration - which is FREE), I can't help but feel amused at the antics of the to-be parent. Not that I'm an insensitive person, but the empathy is there. Both my hubby and I were there once.. especially when everyone thought I was pregnant and yet, I saw spotting... Silly me thought I miscarriaged :( It's a really depressing week for me... until I started the morning sickness...

My sensitivity arrives with a vengeance. No FLORAL smells - this brings me immediate sickness. No YUCKY disgusting things lying around..

Maybe when I recall others I'll add in.. meanwhile, I'll take my afternoon snooze.. tiring.. Woke up so early for a meeting.. Pregnant women need more rest!


P/S: Little Mousie is soooo KAYPOH.. poked her head before this is even published. Hahaha..

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