Another quake

When the aftermaths came, it came in a series... Just a few days ago, there was an earthquake that affected Nicobar Islands.. and now, just in the wee morning yesterday, another earthquake came that measured between 5.9 and 6.2 on the Richter Scale. This time round it hit the coastal lines of Indonesia. It's scary to see how life is so precious.

The severity of injuries on the injured and survivors is heart-wrenching. Anything from gangrene to an exposed brain is definitely traumatic on an adult, but imagine the pain and trauma it would cause on a child. With many injuries that went untreated, I believe many more would pass on.

What sickens the mind is the fear of child trafficking and the sorts. I can't imagine a more terrible fate and worry for these children. Growing up even in this secure environment, there are yet cases of kidnappings, let alone in the disaster-strickened areas where there are more chaos and confusion with less laws protecting anyone. This reminds me of the horror stories from old wives tale (maybe to scare us naughty ones) of where these poor souls end up. Sold to brothels, Body and organs mutilated to be made to ask for alms for syndicates, and the worst... Organs traded for the international markets. I won't go into details as it's not good for my baby's development.

Well, as you can see from above. There's unlikely to be any baby development news today... Other than I've no news to share... Except for my lunch of steamed chicken rice (yummy!) and craving of chocolates.. yes, I'm eating more. Going to snack soon... But need to get back to work. Lots of things to do today :(


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