me at home??

Asking why I'm at so early today? The reason: I'm sick. very sick.. took med and couldn't open my eyes.. my poor daughter had to stay in the bedroom with me as I was gone most of the time.
Why am I sick? Viral fever plus allergy. Yucks! My whole body popped watery lesions.. not chix pox.. just those like a rash or after an insect bite? Doc said that I could be allergic to the toxins.

Anyway, Doc gave me 2 days MC. No questions asked. I didn't even ask for any MC. He said to take the med religiously and hopefully by Sat to recover. I hope so too.

So I'm gg to bed again... btw... happy 2nd birthday to my daughter... in advance.. tmr's your big day, but mommy will be too sick to wake up :P


SEO Engineering 101 said...

Oooh..U got the POX!
Take loads of 100Plus and Coconut juice to flush that POS out!

Vaccine etc won't work, and forget the doctor's orders, 8Gm of AMOX at first and 1G (2x500mg) for 3 days will do the trick.

Lindah_Z said...

No Pox la bro... just viral fever.. I got something worse than this last yr.
Anyway.. healthy back :) Hehehe