May Day holidays

Yes, it's another May Day celebration. For the kids, it's a holiday. For the working folks, a deserved holiday to recognise our contributions. As I sat here reading about the May Day speech, the May Day rally, the call for more mothers to go out and work, I reflect upon myself.
I'm a working woman, a mother and wife. Importantly, I'm a nurturer of the family. Is continuining to work what I want to do the whole time? Reading an article in the Newpaper, I thought about what the lawyer who just gave birth and yet, a colleague brought papers for her to work on whilst 'visiting' her in the hospital. Hello! Excuse me! She just gave birth! Don't you have any feelings? She cried saying that it's too early for her.

Reflections on myself: I recalled that on the day after I just gave birth (I delivered in the early morning), I received a call on my mobile... and lo and behold, it was my colleague, who requested me to assist on what items to quote an important overseas customer.. after wishing me a nice congratulations. I was shocked! Exasperated! Even then, I assisted to inform (just to take note, I informed and guided this chap way before I left for the leave). Another shock came. The customer called me personally, mind you, I was in the hospital and was informed that the quote didn't arrive. In fact, it wasn't sent..

With such responsibilities, how can a working mother enjoy her 3mths maternity leave to bond with the newborn treasure? Even when I switched to a more fixed hours job, it wasn't enough time to do much with my baby. Goodness, it's a real tough call to balance work and life. Can't the govt suggest something beneficial that can entice working mothers like me to think about continuing to work in Singapore? Else, Singapore will likely see a growing number of working mothers like me who will move away from Singapore into other markets providing more suitable working environments.

Think about it Singapore... This working mother is already thinking... of leaving for greener pastures.

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