Happy Lappy

Ye ye... me a happy lappy user...

Y? Y? Cozz.... Hubby got me a new notebook! A new toy for me. I'm so happy.
It ain't like the ones I'm used to. But it's one that my hubby got me.
14.1" screen with 1GB RAM, 120GB HDD, Windows Vista, ... and freebies!
Canon printer, toshiba 1gb thumbdrive and retractable mouse... for the cost of....
~~ S$1398~~

Cheap hor? Even shocking.. got it at Best Denki.. of all places! haha.. and cheapo me used y Best Denki vouchers to offset the cost :P

So what did I do with my first usage of new lappy?
I blog.. I did assignment... I downloaded Open Office.. cz cheapo me don't lk to use payable MS Office.. so sue me. I lk it FREE. hahaha

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