More updates!

Due to high demand.. and thanks to my dearest Jidan who requests for more bloggings... here I am.
Nothing much to say though. Just finished my Intl Biz assignment 1. Dunno what's my grade for the Macro assignment 1. Did it like within less than 1wk... since the text came 1 wk late :P Geez... And they extended the assignment due date.. and i've handed it up on time. oh well. That's one off the mind.
Note to self: Another 2 more to go.
IB assignment 2: 21 May.
Macro policy assignment 2: 7 May

Hey, what can I say. I'm a person who excels well under stress. The more stress. The better the work hehe...

Tomorrow's Monday. Shucks! Will have a LONG day ahead man. Need to book for leave for my daughter's birthday. Where should we go? I thought of a picnic in the zoo! Can imagine her running after the monkeys and orangutans and girrafes.. I just hope she won't hug a pig or something since it's like one of her vocabs now. *shudders*

Amelia's now a darling. A darling terror on 2s.. hehe.. She's now sleeping of coz. She now has a bed. Yes, mommy and daddy finally got her a bed. A pine cot-cum-junior bed. It's quite a bargain. Got it with the mattress and 9 piece beddings for only $299! Cheap huh?

She now speaks in fluent 5 words sentences. Her vocabs is increasing by the day. And oh yes, I've weaned her off bad habit of watching barney and hi-5 before sleeping. Now, it's bedtime story by mommy.. as daddy hates reading! haha...

Here's something for the folks. Pics of Amelia!


kAm said...

she's looking more and more like mummy lindah!

Anonymous said...

Kamkam, agreed! SHe look soo cute in this red dress, and no more Baby Lia. A pretty gal now =)

More pics and yes, more bb! =P

Anonymous said...

Opps.. Char .. forgot to put name